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Freelance communication professional.

Working with entities that want to improve their brand.

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Communication has real consequences,

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Keep it simple

My name is Iciar Etxebarria and I work as a freelance helping all types of organisations and professionals to create and/or enhance their brand presence, through integrated communication solutions.

In 2023 I chose "keep it simple" as my motto. In the face of the infoxication and excess of content of our days, I am in favour of a minimalist communication, with concise, clear and direct messages.

If you want to get your message across, keep it simple.

take care of yours.


  • Corporate website and e-commerce (custom design and development in WordPress)
  • Content writing
  • Newsletter
  • Social media
  • Design of dissemination materials
Reeduca's professional web design project

Latest projects

Writers of Les Chapelins

USA, 2023 - Web development

100% custom development of the new corporate website for Writers of Les Chapelins, a writing residence located in the South of France.

Web design by

Mockup of the web design work for Hiruzelai

Sara Revuelta

Spain, 2023 - Web development

Development of the new corporate website for Sara Revuelta, a specialist in nutrition, habit creation and food education.

Web design by


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