Terms and Conditions

General objectives

Our aim is to offer and sell web design and content development services. The trade name of the company is Presentia, European Union registered trademark No. 18319145, having physical headquarters in: 14 Avenue Bouvard - 74000 Annecy (France). We operate as a registered company under the name of Iciar ETXEBARRIA MARTÍN who, for the purpose of any clarification, offers the following email address info@presentiadm.com

Summary of service conditions

The following is a summary of Presentia Comunicación Web's terms of service, which refers to any service we offer. We recommend the potential client to read the full text of the terms of service because it is a legally binding agreement.

Relationship with Presentia Comunicación Web

By using the services of Presentia Comunicación Web, the customer accepts its terms of service. This is a legally binding agreement between the customer and Iciar Etxebarria Martín.

If one of the two parties violates the rules, the ongoing project may be suspended and cancelled.

Conditions of service

Our Terms of Service contain important information about the customer's legal rights.

1. On the services provided

We offer services of:

  • WordPress web design
  • Ecommerce on WordPress
  • WordPress web maintenance
  • Onpage SEO optimisation
  • Organisation and writing of content
  • Communication consultancy

2. Privacy and security

Presentia Comunicación Web collects contact information and other information about you through contact and subscription forms on the website. Please refer to the Privacy policy and to the Cookies policy for more information about how we collect and use this information.

3. Recruitment process

In the event that a potential client is interested in our services, we will carry out a free assessment session (by telephone or video call) in which the main features of the project are outlined and possible solutions are advised. On the basis of the conclusions of the meeting, we send a personalised quotation which can be accepted or rejected by the customer.

If the budget is accepted, it will also these terms are being accepted and terms and conditions of engagement. Once the quotation is accepted, the action plan (work deadlines) will be agreed and the agreed amount will be paid in advance to start the service. If no advance payment is made, the service will not start even if the quotation has been accepted.

Once the advance payment has been made, the process of carrying out the project will begin as explained in the previous meetings. The project will be monitored according to the agreed work deadlines and the project will be delivered according to the dates established in the budget.

4. Hosting and domain

  • A web design project always needs hosting and a domain name, which must be contracted and registered. formerly to start the website.
  • Presentia offers both services on an annual basis. However, the client can decide to work with its own hosting and domain service. In the latter case, Presentia will not be responsible for the managements necessary with the hosting and domain provider. The client will be responsible for these arrangements as well as for the resolution of any possible incidents with the provider company.
  • In the case of using the services of Presentia for the hosting and domain, these quotas shall be included in the annual maintenance. If the customer decides to dispense with the maintenance service, the customer shall be liable for the costs incurred by hosting and domain for that first year.

5. Methods of payment

Payments may be made by the means specified in the budget.

6. Modifications, withdrawal and cancellation of contracted service

If the customer has a dispute with Presentia Comunicación Web, the customer agrees to try to resolve it directly with the company first. If a resolution is not reached, with limited exceptions, the customer should submit any dispute with Presentia Web Communication to a neutral arbitrator instead of taking the claim to court. Presentia Comunicación Web has no obligation to become involved in any dispute the customer has if the customer does not comply with the terms of service.

Before making a claim, you and Presentia Comunicación Web agree to attempt to resolve any dispute through good faith discussions. We use the term "claim" in this section to refer to any dispute, claim or controversy arising in connection with your use of our service or this agreement. Either you or Presentia Comunicación Web may initiate this process by sending a written notice describing the dispute and its proposed resolution.

Such a claim shall proceed only and only if Presentia Comunicación Web or the client has failed to comply with any of the following quality policies and service guarantees.

In the event that you wish to cancel the project once it has started, any costs incurred for tools agreed specifically for that project will not be refunded.

7. Quality policies and service guarantees

  • The delivery of a fully functional website is guaranteed. operational which will have all the functionalities agreed in the budget.
  • All websites require a minimal subsequent maintenance (WordPress core updates, plugin updates and security updates). If the maintenance service is not contracted or is not carried out by the client, Presentia does not guarantee that the website will be maintained with the correct functionalities. It may even happen that the website will be down if there is a lack of annual payment to the hosting company.
  • Even if maintenance is contracted or carried out, there is always the possibility of occasional failures caused by updates and/or occasional incompatibilities, although this is not usual. If maintenance has been contracted, Presentia will take care of any situation. All intervention of any kind without a maintenance contract will be charged at an hourly rate which will be communicated to the client after delivery of the project.
  • In the event that another person outside Presentia Comunicación Web manipulates the work in any way, Presentia Comunicación Web will not be responsible for correcting any errors.

8. Responsibilities of the client

  • The customer must comply with the deadlines and send the material necessary for the development of the project on time. In the event that the client does not meet these deadlines, the delivery time of the website or content may be delayed and Presentia Comunicación Web is exempt from liability for this delay.
  • The customer is responsible for making the revisions The project will be delivered in time for the project to be delivered on time. If these reviews are not carried out and the project is delayed, Presentia Comunicación Web is exempt from liability for this delay.
  • The customer is responsible for paying in due time and form.

9. Intellectual Property

The project will be property of the client once it is finalised and delivered (both in form and content).

If the client uses Presentia's trademark to exhibit the project, he/she must make sure to name it correctly and agree the citation terms with Iciar Etxebarria Martín.

The Presentia trademark is a registered trademark in the European Union with the EU Intellectual Property Office "EUIPO" under No. 18319145 in classes 35 (marketing services) and 42 (website creation and design services for third parties).

The Presentia website, including the content written on the website, is also the intellectual property of Presentia. Except as described in the trademark usage guidelines and as otherwise provided by law, you agree not to use our intellectual property without our prior written consent.

10. Applicable law

These terms and conditions of contract shall be governed by the laws of The French Republic and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the company's domicile for all questions that may arise, derived from the provision of the web service and its services and contents and regarding the interpretation, application, fulfilment or non-fulfilment of what is established here.

In the event that the customer is domiciled outside the French territory, and expressly renounces any other jurisdiction that may correspond to him, he submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Annecy, France.

If you have further questions about our terms of service please write to us at info@presentiadm.com.