Date of publication:

May 2021

Reeduca Fisioterapia

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New corporate website for Reeduca Fisioterapia, a clinic specialising in pelvic floor re-education. 

Reeduca Fisioterapia web design project

The challenge

Reeduca Fisioterapia is a new physiotherapy clinic located in Barakaldo with a high level of specialisation in pelvic floor re-education.

As a new establishment, the challenge was to build a coherent essence from scratch and effectively convey the brand's value proposition: specialisation, professionalism and a holistic approach (physical and educational).

In addition, another major challenge was the correct organisation of the services and programmes, so as not to get lost in countless pages and sections.

The solution

  • We opted for a design in straight lines to emphasise professionalism and seriousness, but at the same time combined with graphic elements related to nature, which project closeness and tranquillity, as spaces of this nature deserve.
  • The most technical messages were adapted to the target audience defined to explain as clearly as possible the function and mission of Reeduca Fisioterapia.
Reeduca Fisioterapia web design project

The result

  • Attractive and functional responsive corporate website, with services organised in the right pages and sections so that users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Top positions on Google only 2 months after publication for the keyword "fisioterapia suelo pelvico bizkaia" or "suelo pelvico bizkaia".

"At Reeduca Fisioterapia we are very grateful to have had the good work of Presentia.

Thank you for your professionalism, for your dedication, but above all, thank you for the involvement you have given us and for taking care of every detail as if the project were your own".

Laura Rojo Domínguez

Reeduca Fisioterapia