Web design trends 2021

6 web design trends to follow (or not) in 2021

Iciar Etxebarria

22 December 2020

The web sector, like most, does not escape from "the trend of trends" and evolves every year with styles emerging and others dying. Surely, if you look back at websites built just 5 years ago, you will find some element or feature that seems old to you. That's why in this post we bring you some of them. web design trends that we will find in 2021.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we professionals in this field have to adapt quickly to these changes, sometimes triggered by the pure whim of fashion and sometimes for more justified reasons, such as advances in research at the level of user experience.

Who would have thought that headers with full-width images, for example, or sliders that change their text with each slide would be outdated and labeled as UX-unfriendly.

But let's get down to business: what does 2021 hold in store for the web ecosystem?

1 - Neoformism

Minimalist styles are increasingly gaining ground over overloaded and baroque websites. One of these styles is the so-called neoformism, characterised by the use of shapes without any border and use shadows and lights to create the illusion of depth.

2 - Shadows and floating elements

Following on from the previous idea of depth, the shadows seem to be emerging as a dominant design nuance in 2021. Thanks to them, we can create subtle illusions of elements or photographs towering over others and eliminate the native flatness of web pages.

3 - Scroll effects

The dynamism commands. Keeping the user's attention and preventing them from abandoning our page is one of the first objectives of a good design, which is why the motion effects already seen this year are still in place and looking to expand.

4 - Sticky elements

In keeping with the idea of contributing dynamism to the websites, the sticky elements.

It was already a known convention that, when scrolling, the header with the main menu would remain fixed at the top, but now the trend goes further and are other sections or subsections those who stay "glued together". at your bedside or at the foot while you browse.

This style works very well with messages to which we want to give extra importance but always without overdoing it, as too much can be invasive and overwhelming. A clear example is the subscription block of the post you are reading.

5 - Dark mode

WhatsApp has not been the only one to join this trend of the Dark Mode which seems to remain in force for the foreseeable future. The origin of the dark mode was entirely practical as it allowed us to rest our eyes from the white light of screens at night, thus reducing visual fatigue.

Since the end of 2019, it has been becoming a fashionable feature of many websites with a more aesthetic purpose. Facebook has been one of the latest interfaces to join the "night mode".and will also be implemented on iOS and Android in 2020.

6 - Mix of photography and graphics

We can't end this list without one of the big trends in vogue this year and probably next year, the combination of illustrations or graphics with photography. The use of two different types of graphic resources takes some of the boredom out of our pages and adds to them movement y energy.

Can you think of any trend more for next year?

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